PPACA and the IRS place new burdens on HRA Plans!

The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) offers many rights and protections to employees. Unfortunately, the burden of complying with these changing regulations has been placed on Health Reimbursement Arrangement Plan Sponsors.

New fee will fund research and consumer-based health decisions!

Established by PPACA, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) is charged with examining the “relative health outcomes, clinical effectiveness, and appropriateness” of different medical treatments by evaluating existing studies and conducting its own. The Institute will be funded in part by employer-paid fees.

In conjunction with our compliance product PCORI takes all the pain and confusion out of meeting this new requirement. The PCORI fee will be collected from employers and insurance carriers for seven years, meaning it will affect employers with Plan years ending 2012 through 2019 and will be due each year on July 31st. To make the matter more complicated, the fee amount will change over that same time period. And if that’s not enough, determining which employees need to be counted is no simple feat either!

Why risk not complying with PCORI by attempting to manage it on your own? Let our years of employee benefits experience supported by industry, governmental, and compliance experts do the work for you.

 PCORI Delivers Compliance

• Meets all PPACA compliance requirements
• Affordable service (FREE for qualifying clients!)
• Easy to understand service and instructions
• Provides toll-free customer service
• Offers 35+ years of experience

Service Features

• Use easy-to-complete paper and online tools guaranteeing that your employees are counted correctly.
• Focus on your pressing business matters while our experts monitor PCORI compliance requirements and tax form and tax filing changes.
• Rest assured your PCORI fee is calculated correctly each and every year.
• Let us help you continue to offer health reimbursement plans.
• Designed for employers of all sizes and in all industries.
• Clients of qualifying TPA services receive these PCORI services at no additional charge.