The number of lawsuits being filed against businesses like yours is both surprising and alarming. And it’s often the customer you’d least expect who sues. Today, every business needs the type of coverage that our agency offers to our valued clients. We provide your business with the financial protection that can help keep your assets from becoming vulnerable in the event of a lawsuit. Whether you own a smail mom and pop business, or a medium to large business, we offer solutions and personal service to each of our clients.


General Liability Insurance.

Today, your business can be sued for almost any reason: Whether it is due to personal injury, negligence, errors, omissions, libel, slander, faulty products, advertising misprints, etc

Being sued is probably the last thing on your mind until it happens. Then it’s all you can think about. At best it’s a distraction, at worst it can threaten everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

.We help our clients to develop the liability protection that is so vital in today’s business world. We develop a sound plan, and tailor it to fit your individual business needs.

Risk Management Tools to Help Increase Your Ability To Avoid Liability

The best way to handle liability is to do everything you can to reduce risk, while running a safer, more productive and ultimately more profitable business. Our risk management services are available to mid-size and large businesses. We can help by providing everything from one-on-one consultations, safety seminars, and even programs that provide discounts for installing safety equipment and following best practices.