Here are Several Ways the Small Business Marketplace can help your business and your employees

1. Choice:

• Choose low-cost, quality health plans from many different carriers.

• Choose one or several plans to make the choice easy for your employees. Or let them pick any plan available where they live or work.

• Choose when you want your health plan to start. It can be the first of any month starting in January 2014.

2. Tax credits:

• Get tax credits for the amount you pay toward your employees’ monthly health plan if you:

• Employ fewer than 25 full-time people. (2 half-time people count as one full-time person)

• Pay them an average of less than $50,000 per year

• Share at least half of their premium costs


NY State of Health is the only place to get these cost savings! Many of these plans are the same plans you can purchase through a health insurer, however if you do not utilize the NYS Health marketplace, you are not eligible for these tax credits.

3. Expert advice

• You’ll get help making decisions about health insurance from some of the same sources you use now.

All of the members of our team have been trained and certified by NY State of Health.

• Our team will walk you through your choices:

• Your employees will be able to get the help they need, and you enjoy the tax credits. Simple!

4. Simplicity

Want to give your employees lots of choices in health plans? If your employees choose plans from different companies, we will make things simple for you. We will combine the premiums from all the companies and send you one monthly bill.