ACA Reporting is a MUST!  Are you in compliance?


Under the Affordable Care Act, businesses with 50+ full time equivalent employees must provide new reporting to the IRS for calendar year ending 2015. Employers are confused and don’t have the time or knowledge to do this.

Our program offers help for small employers, with great discounts on pricing with reputable vendors – available to the employer.

What does the reporting mean for small employers?
1.Each company with 50+ employees must send a 1094-C for their company to the IRS, which is a company-level view of the benefits offered and hours worked.
2.Each benefit-eligible employee must receive a 1095-C form, which employers must mail to employees by 1/31/2016.
3.Payroll providers either can’t meet this need or when they can, it’s too expensive for most smaller employers to use.
4.There are now dozens of vendors in the marketplace who can provide this service. Because of the demand, several have already stopped accepting new customers, and many are raising prices each month.


What kind of help do employers need?
1.A reporting-only solution—the employer has the data and needs help creating the reports ◦Our solution: We’ve contracted with vendors who can provide this service: They have a small set-up fee +  per 1095 report fee.

2.A full-service solution—the employer needs help with the reporting, but also needs advice and a company to review and certify that the employer is ACA-compliant.  Our solution: We’ve contracted with a vendor who can provide this service.  Ask us today about more information.

Does your service provider offer you a hold harmless agreement for these services?  We do!

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